your site plan now done in less than 24 hours
your site plan now done in less than 24 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in Basic Site Plan?

Basic Site Plan is the most common for planning purposes. This plan has the most basic features. It may lack some of the features most city planning and counties require.

What is included in Standard Site Plan? 

Standard Site Plan is the ideal site plan you need for your residential permit. It has many features for a site plan compare to the basic site plan. Features in this plan is what most city planning required. 

What is included in Premium Site Plan?

Premium Site Plan is ideal for Commercial property plan purposes. We will include all the features found in your property via satellite images. Features like parking spaces, plantings, other hardscape features and many more.

I need to add new structure to my site plan like proposed deck or patio? Do I need to pay extra charges? 

No. If you need to add one new feature to your site plan. We will add it for free. If you have more than one feature to be added, please inform us in your plan order. 

What paper size is the Site Plan?

By default, the site plan you will receive is in 11"x17" paper size. If you different paper size, you can select it in plan order.

When will I get my site plan?

We will send your site plan in less than 24 hours. We will try our best to send it as soon as possible. If you send your order in the morning, most likely you will receive the plan in the next morning.

I need a hard copy of the site plan, is this included in my order? 

No. We only send a soft copy in pdf format in your email.

What file format will I receive?

We will send the site plan in pdf file format. If you need dwg file, you need to pay a small extra amount.

How accurate is your site plan?

We use several resources to produce as much as accurate site plan as possible. If for some instance we have issues gathering data of your property, we will communicate with you and ask for additional documents and information. If we really cannot produce the site plan for lack of data and information, we will refund you immediately.

How many revisions can I have after I receive my site plan? 

We will do unlimited revisions of your site plan until you are satisfied with the result. No additional charges required.

The site plan need to have vicinity map and contour lines, Can you include this?

Vicinity map and contour lines are considered are add-ons in our site plan. You need to add extra amount for this add-on. 

Is the site plan I will receive certified by an engineer or surveyor? 

No. This is not certified. We are only offering drafting services.

Who will accept site plan from

Unless they require a certified site plan, site plan is accepted nationwide in almost all counties. 

Aside from site plan, what other services are you offering?

We are not only limited to providing site plans, we also provide other drafting services. Some of the services we offer are architectural drafting, landscape drafting, architectural and landscape 3D modeling and Quantity takeoff services.

I need someone to talk to first about my requirement, how can I contact you?

Customer service is a top priority in You can email us at or thru our chat support in our website lower right portion. We will respond to you immediately 7 days a week.